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Internet Marketing

YouTube is now the third most visited website in the world. Viral videos can spread across the net to millions of viewers in a matter of weeks. What was once only affordable for big brands and corporations is now available to all sorts of small and medium businesses and organizations. Internet video is firing on all cylinders and shows no sign of slowing down.

Unlike other forms of media video is highly sensory and kinetic. It has the potential to demonstrate the value of your product, service or cause in ways that the written word never can. Video can entertain, amaze, delight and inspire, it transports the viewer into another point of view through the power of sight and sound.

Unlike television where high airtime prices and limited time slots restrict your ability to get your message seen the Internet provides an inexpensive and incredibly accessible platform for videos to be seen by thousands even millions of people around the world and in your community. However, because its so easy to get videos online your message needs to be carefully crafted to achieve maximum impact. Entertaining, innovative and informative videos quickly rise to the top of search results and can go viral through social media.

Astral Projection’s focus isn’t just on creating videos which are technically great, but also creating something that’s entertaining, engaging and most importantly valuable to your prospective clients. We want to understand what you have to offer, why you’re passionate about it, what makes you different and conveying that energy and enthusiasm to the world.

Internet Marketing can work for just about any business, organization or cause, from the latest electronic device to dog grooming or legal advising to public policy campaigns, fine art or event promotion. Talk to us about your needs and your vision and we’ll work together to determine what kind of video best serves your needs. The sky is the limit. We’ll have some fun with it too.