New visions, one frame at a time


PULSE 1 Year Anniversary

Went back to BoomBox this month for another PULSE event, this time with a 24-70mm f2.8, a 50mm f1.8 and my new flash. Got some great shots and learned a lot of new things about how to shoot in the dark.

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I also got some video footage that should be coming out soon.

PULSE: Nightclub Photography

Did a job shooting PULSE with Laughing Buddah on Friday the 13th. Great party with great music and great people. The focus of my “assignment” was mostly to capture the vibe of the event rather than the typical photobooth style shots that most nightclub photographers do.

Since my 50mm broke when I was moving I was running with my 28-105mm and 10-22mm both of which worked well despite the low light and use of fog machines. Also used the monopod as a boom pole to get some cool overhead shots of the DJ and crowd.

Post processing in Lightroom saved me from the noise inherent in shooting at high ISOs but I’m definitely going to be replacing my 50mm ASAP as well as adding a strobe or six to my arsenal. I’ve got some neat ideas for rockin’ these kinds of events even more in the future. Stay tuned.