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This summer I took on the job of being an official shooter for the Montreal and Toronto Spartan Races for Nuvision Action Image. For the uninitiated a Spartan Race is sort of like a triathalon, only instead of riding bikes you have to jump over bonfires, crawl under barbed wire and battle past gladiators with foam staves. I hear at one event there were even paintball snipers. Its pretty extreme, but also in a spirit of great fun. Lots of people get dressed up in costumes and for every extreme warrior out to win there’s probably a dozen others who just want to have a good time doing something physical.

The first day in Montreal it poured rain for almost the entire race. They went ahead anyways and I shot, squatting in the mud with my camera in a plastic shopping bag. I think I endured about as much as the runners, muddy, wet and sore as hell after six hours of continuous shooting. At the end of it the sun broke through, we had a BBQ and headed home. Toronto was better weather, but there I got a sunburn after forgetting my hat at home. Still, great fun and great events.

Now because I was sub-contracting with another company and because they sell their images to the racers I can’t post many photos, but I’ll give you a teaser, just so you get an idea of what it was like. I plan to shoot them again next summer.

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