New visions, one frame at a time


Just did a shoot for PoeCirque today and I’ve gotta say, circus people are always a blast!

Portraits/headshots are often an awkward, somewhat stressful affair, even for experienced performers. Its hard to know what to do with that unblinking glass eye staring at you. If people are nervous or unhappy it shows in the photographs. My job is much more than picking the right settings on the camera and snapping the shutter, its all about putting the subject at ease and making sure that everyone has a good time. Fortunately PoeCirque was all about having a good time.

Its was a simple, casual shoot, just the way I like it. A big piece of paper as a backdrop with plenty of natural diffused light from the windows of the dance studio. I brought my portable lighting setup but it was hardly necessary. My 50mm f1.8 gave beautifully sharp images within a nice shallow pool of focus. Shooting so many photos in RAW did tax the T2i‘s single processor a bit and I did have to switch memory cards at the very end to snap the last few pictures, but all went smoothly and we’ve got some killer images for their website.

All in all a great time! I hope I get to work with them again!

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